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Complete Accounting Software and Hardware Solutions for Your Business

Software Installation

An MYOB POS Professional will visit your store, cafe, bar or office, supply and install the latest RetailManager/Kounta software program and check that all the peripherals are in working order. eg. barcode scanner, docket printer, cash drawer.

Create Stock Data Base with Barcodes

Our administrative staff will assist in the culmination of your stock items and either scan the barcodes provided or create barcodes depending on the individual requirements of each business.

Supply POS Hardware and Install

An MYOB POS Professional will supply you with a quotation to suit your budget for the hardware and software required to get started with your new POS system. Upon supply of the system, the professional will install all the components and check that the system is in working order. The stock data that has been prepared can then be imported into the system ready for the day to day use.

Link RetailManager/Kounta to MYOB Accounting Software

An MYOB POS Professional will set up both RetailManager/Kounta and MYOB Accounting so that the information that is entered into the POS system can be exported and then imported straight into the accounting program. This will save doubling up on data entry and maintaining financial records that will need to be reported on a periodic basis.

Train Retail Staff

After the installation and set up of the RetailManager/Kounta system, the staff can be trained by the MYOB POS Professional in either a one on one or group situation.

Create Procedure Manuals

Your retail staff might need some assistance with transactions that are out of the ordinary with a specifically created procedure manual for your RetailManager/Kounta software. Even with the exporting of the accounting information, which only needs to be done on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, a picture procedure manual that is broken down and simplified is of great assistance to new users of the software.

Upgrade Software

An MYOB POS Professional will visit your store or office, supply and upgrade your software when required.